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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Foreclosure loan modifications: Miramar man gets home back after nearly losing it to (Parallel) foreclosure - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com

I created parallel foreclosure dot com about a year ago specifically to highlight the injustice of what the banks (and as it turns out, with our own governments blessing) were doing to people who were applying for HAMP.

Unfortunately, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel did not use the phrase "parallel foreclosure" in their article even though that is what the fight to save the homeowners home was over so I have "inserted" the word "parallel" in parenthesis and in front of foreclosure. I find it frustrating that parallel foreclosure dot com has been around for around a year now and so few journalists actually even know about parallel foreclosure.

The Sun-Sentinel wrote...""We are so thankful," said Shamji, whose case was the focus of a Sun Sentinel article on Sunday about homeowners who thought they had saved their homes by modifying their mortgages only to lose them because the foreclosure process never stopped. (end quote from article)

This is called PARALLEL FORECLOSURE and it is UNETHICAL because the homeowner IS FORCED TO GET BEHIND ON THEIR MORTGAGE PAYMENTS just to be eligible to APPLY for HAMP, at which point Parallel Foreclosure KICKS IN!
And if you read the article please take note that it was Bank of America that could not stop a foreclosure division within its own company from going through with the foreclosure even though they knew the foreclosure was to be stopped!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Foreclosure Mom's first rap song, Foreclosure Tears, a powerful indictment of HAMP, see the video and read the lyrics below.

Below you will find the entire lyrics to the song "Foreclosure Fears", courtesy of Foreclosure Mom, who is the writer, publisher and peformer of the song, "Foreclosure Tears".

However, I first would like to focus on one particular section from the song lyrics as it relates to the fraudulent aspects of HAMP...here is an excerpt from Foreclosure mom's song, "Foreclosure Tears"

"You're not in default, your payments on time
In order to help you must fall 4 months behind."
Americans are taught in our Institutions to trust
So I listened to my bank and did what I must

With credit now ruined I called to apply
I was put on hold until I wanted to cry.....

-end of lyric quote
Although foreclosure mom has a sneaking suspicion that being required to fall behind on her mortgage payments before she can be eligible for HAMP seems ethically challenged and risky, (because parallel foreclosure kicks in), she along with 99.5 percent of all homeowners don't know what the danger is (parallel foreclosure) that awaits them.
Here are the lyrics to MOM RAPS "FORECLOSURE TEARS"

Here I sit all alone, and stare at the clock
Waiting for the moment when the sheriff will knock
Like so many others who manifested their dream
Convinced by the professionals in the great Wall Street scheme.

For the banks and the brokers, I had papers in hand
Tax returns, pay stubs, and maps of the land
Never had a loan and with the bank I debated
"Don't worry they said, that's why we go stated"
I gave unto them my bank statements piled tall
Oh no said the bank, we need nothing at all!
I thought to myself, how this could be
I was unaware of the paper feeding frenzy
Like so many Americans now living in shame
I was unaware of the securitization game.

All about finance I learned back in school
But nothing was taught about mortgage pools
The economy bad and about to go bust
I realized my loan was due to adjust
The bank reassured me, when my home I did buy
We will refinance you out of this loan, but that was a lie
I remember those words with angst and a frown
My home is underwater, completely upside down
I called up the bank to get justification
And ask them in fairness for a modification
"You're not in default, your payments on time
In order to help you must fall 4 months behind."
Americans are taught in our Institutions to trust
So I listened to my bank and did what I must

With credit now ruined I called to apply
I was put on hold until I wanted to cry.
After waiting forever and throwing a fit
I was given a list of documents to submit
I gathered up everything and faxed them my stack
After months of calling them, I finally heard back.
The response from the bank could not shock me more
A Notice of Default was nailed on my door.
Your foreclosure moves forward regardless they said
And your modification package has yet to be read

The day finally came when I was assigned agent Clarence
And soon the bank put me on a plan called forbearance.
For three months I paid more than I had paid before
But the uneasy feelings I couldn't ignore
Three months had passed with my payments on time
But what the bank did next should be a crime.
The bank needed financials and I asked them why
They answered because you may no longer qualify
What they said next went right to my core
In order to qualify I must pay $10,000 more
I sold many things big, medium, and small
The $10,000 booty, the bank got it all
I did all that was asked so our home we would save
I prayed every night and tried to be brave
I never imagined that at the end we would fail
But I knew it had happened when we received a Notice of Sale

The bank gave me a loan they said was a must
And they promised to change it before it adjusts
No court room, no judges, no madams or sirs
The money I owe is to a machine named MERS
My loan was bought many times, I know not the source
I will never find out who is "holder in due course"

So I loaded the cat, dog, and kids in the car
Took the last cash from our small cookie jar
I felt so alone, frightened, sad and so blue
If I could afford council, I would certainly sue
But alas, the bank won, their back gets a pat
No attorney for me they were counting on that.

Now read all about it and really get pissed
BOA pays 600 million dollars to investors on their list
Investors get their cash out of the toxic mortgage pool
While I lose my home and my son can't go to school.
Investors are not deemed to know the reps and warranties
Not required to notice the dotted i's and crossed t's
Borrowers they call us, folks like you and me
Servicer's say we're responsible, we signed the 1003.
Investors got paid and no one disputed
Homeowners speak up, we get prosecuted.


Congratulations to Foreclosure Mom for a supreme first effort rap video about something that matters.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Modifying mortgage terms not so simple, Reports the Los Angeles Daily News back on Dec. 7, 2009.

Because the term Parallel Foreclosure was almost completely unknown back then, it is important to realize that the disconnect between homeowners getting into HAMP before their homes were foreclosed on was almost impossible because the banksters were practicing PARALLEL FORECLOSURE! As the sub headline states, "Process is too slow to save homeowners from losing their houses."

It is fascinating to go back in time and find these articles and realize that the key word, Parallel Foreclosure, was not used even though what the article describes is parallel foreclosure in action. When Did Barack Obama know about Parallel Foreclosure and why, over 10 months after the above article ran, has parallel foreclosure been allowed to go on?

Parallel Foreclosure basically ensured that MOST of the HAMP applicants would not get their mortgage modified, but would face a HIGHER CHANCE OF LOSING THEIR HOME even as the government, and Barack Obama, teased them with HAMP.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Barack Obama has now backed two home foreclosure government programs that allow the banks to implement Parallel Foreclosure tactics!

Barack Obama must find himself in a tough situation. Obama has hired Wall Street Cronies to be in his white house inner circle, and I presume in return he has allowed these cronies to influence his thinking on matters that have placed the american homeowner in accelerated foreclosure jeopardy.

It appears the president believes that homeowners deserve a chance to keep their home through government backed programs such as HAMP (Home Affordable Mortgage Program), and a follow up funding program for unemployed homeowners called EHRF (it has also been called EHLP) What is proving to be unbelievably mafioso is that parallel foreclosure is being invoked by the banks whenever a homeowner attempts to access either of these two Barack Obama backed government programs.

Parallel Foreclosure involves the banks beginning the paperwork to foreclose on a homeowners home when a homeowner either falls behind on their payments, or when they apply for HAMP or the follow up program for unemployed homeowners. Once the parallel foreclosure process is started, it is not always easily stopped, as we have come to find out after reading about homeowners who seem to be dealing with two disjointed divisions within the same bank. Some homeowners have been left homeless by parallel foreclose actions.

Could you imagine having to bring collateral with you anytime you went into a retail store or to the doctors? You are being told you are eligible for a discount, but to get the discount, you must leave collateral. Now imagine that instead of directly asking you for collateral before you can get your customer discount, the other party simply snuck into your home and took a few items without you even knowing.

Now imagine that even though you have had items taken without your knowledge, the other entity is actually publicly pronouncing how they PLAN on helping you even as they have already taken items from your home without you knowing it.

That is pretty much how HAMP appears to be playing out. To get an allegedly better chance at being accepted into the HAMP program, the homeowner is supposed to be behind on their mortgage payments or they may have to wait an interminable amount of time before being vetted for the program. Yet, if the homeowner voluntarily gets behind on their payments, the parallel foreclosure process begins!
The unemployment version of the homeowners foreclosure prevention program comes right out and says, "YOU MUST BE THREE MONTHS BEHIND ON YOUR MORTGAGE" to become eligible for a 50,000 dollar interest free loan!
Barack Obama and his merry band of Wall Street cronies have created a home foreclosure prevention program that allows the banks to initiate parallel foreclosure on every home owner who applies for either HAMP or the unemployment version of HAMP, and I find this so outrageous that I just don't see how this type of deceit can go on without the threat of impeachment being discussed at some point.

Monday, October 11, 2010

BREAKING NEWS! Matt Weidner sets up Foreclosure Fight Club Forum!

Matt Weidner, known for his foreclosure knowledge in the legal field, has just set up a forum for those fighting home foreclosures. The forum is somewhat focused on Floridians fighting home foreclosure, however, there are several different sections to the forum in which questions can be asked even if one is from a different state.

Hopefully the Fight Club Forum will welcome those who mention other blogs and websites about home foreclosures since we are all in this together. You will need to register before posting but that is a relatively easy thing to do, and it is free.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Breaking News, Chase Bank Approves Home Loan Modification for a higher amount than homeowner was already paying, and stands by their work!

Parallel Foreclosure dot com is breaking this story FIRST before anyone else. The homeowner has asked for a modicum of privacy so their last name is not being used. Please link back to this story if you chose to use it in an article. Thanks!

When Barbara from the Bay Area applied for the Home Loan Modification program through Chase Bank, she hoped the reduction in home mortgage payment would be a difference maker in making ends meet.

Although Barbara had recently lost her job, she then found another one, but for less pay.

Among various groups of homeowners who should be handled with respect when it comes to home loan modifications, those who lose their job, but then take another one in their same field of expertise, even if it is for less money, should be included. What her employer could not provide in equivalent income was balanced by giving Barbara access to one of their in house attorneys for the modest sum of $2,500 to help guide Barbara through the home loan modification process.

Seven months later and Barbara's attorney quit, saying it was obvious that CHASE BANK was simply using stalling tactics when it came to approving a new home loan modification for Barbara. Strangely enough, it was not until Barbara FINALLY decided to not make a home mortgage payment this past August that her home loan modification was approved.

The good news....Barbara was approved for a Home Loan Modification.

The bad news is the Home Loan Modification is for a higher mortgage amount than what Barbara was previously paying before she applied for a Home Loan Modification! Barbara's Mortgage payment increased by six dollars and 25 cents!

How did Chase Bank work their magic and actually INCREASE Barbara's Home Loan Mod to a higher amount than it was before she applied for this money saving government program? Chase Bank selected the one month out of the year in which Barbara received her largest monthly income because of bonuses and commisions and multiplied that one month by 12.

Chase Bank Shenanigans may force this homeowner to sell a home she has lived in for the past 5 years. Even with the recent announcement that Chase Bank is suspending foreclosures for the time being, should Barbara believe Chase Bank, or should Barbara consider a short sale before Chase Bank smothers her, a home owner who deserves better.

I still can't comprehend how a media icon like Oprah Winfrey refuses to step in and save her own viewers from the vice grip of bankster groups like Chase Bank, especially since Oprah's Magazine has created contests in the past that offer financial consulting "prizes" from none other than "Chase Bank". Yes, Oprah and Jamie Dimon are from Chicago, for that matter, so is Barack Obama, and yet, the tease of home loan mods that never come to fruition, are coming to fruition.

As Oprah Winfrey does her final, "television victory tour" this year, ask yourself how many millions of people she actually could have saved from the clutches of unfair banking practices by actually using her television show to help her own viewers; and then instead watch her promote her celebrity friends on Oprah's victory tour and the many ways YOU CAN IMPROVE YOU.

Before you vote either republican or democrat this fall, ask yourself just how many politicians from either party have actually come down hard against companies like Chase Bank and their home foreclosure shenanigans, and then maybe you should consider voting for the independent candidate on the ballot.





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